Fibre Net Research Centre

Estabilished in 2014, Centro Studi Fibre Net (Fibre Net Research Centre) was born out of Cecilia and Andrea Zampa’s passion and dedication.

Purpose of the Research Centre is surveying trends in public opinion and staging workshops, conferences, refresher courses, publishing plans, cultural awards et al for Italian civil society and throughout the world, while supporting the company’s mission: being a leader in its core field through constant improvement, while adapting quickly to new requirements and scenarios.

Be it the opinion of the expert or the common man’s point of view, everything is taken into consideration in order to give active support to market dymanics, both national and international.

Centro Studi Fibre Net also avails istelf of the collaboration of various other Friulian research laboratories and facilities.

Fibre Net operates in the maintenance and restoration sector, both for private and public structures (among these are works of high cultural relevance), and street work and high-security fencing for airports and radar systems.