The restoration work on a reinforced concrete bridge over the Alenta river in the town of Ponte in the Italian province of Benevento, which had been damaged by the exceptional rainfalls in October 2015, presented the opportunity to create an adjacent pedestrian walkway in composite material, to house a series of underlying facilities.
The flooding, caused by the exceptional rainfall, had damaged the bridge and the infrastructure attached to it, and forced the local council to call for emergency work to be carried out.
In addition to repairing the vehicle bridge, it was decided to create a structure, during renovation of the damaged infrastructure, in G.F.R.P. pultruded profiles (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers), laid out in parallel to the span of the bridge. The aim was to house the underlying facilities (aqueduct, gas and sewer pipes) and allow them to be safely accessed for maintenance work.
Pultruded material was chosen because of its light weight and decrease in the load bearing on the structure. It is also highly resistant to corrosion, adverse weather conditions and UV rays which makes it more durable and effective in the long term.
The walkway structure, a double truss in GFRP pultruded profiles (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) was designed in partnership with Fibre Net. The components were manufactured in the production department and fully assembled at the company site for testing. After testing was completed in partnership with the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste, the truss structure was dismantled into three parts and transported to the site for final assembly and installation.