RETICOLA system consists in the realization of a reinforced pointing of the joints on stone walls and masonry, by means of stainless steel strands and connectors positioned within vertical and horizontal joints.
The system improves the shear and flexural resistance of the masonry, thus maintaining the original aesthetic appearance. This is particularly important on historic masonry buildings where the presence of multiple scarcely connected vestments, the low quality of the mortars and the need to preserve the
architectural aspect of the structure, require highly effective but low aesthetic impact structural reinforcement solutions.


  • seismic improvement of historic and restricted building
  • Seismic improovement
  • Confinement anti-overturing item


  • Increase in compressive strength
  • Increase in shear strength
  • Increase of flexural strength in the plane
  • Increase in bending strength orthogonal to the plane
  • Transversal connection of poorly clamped wall faces
  • Diffused and homogeneous reinforcement
  • High corrosion resistance and compatibility with lime-based mortars
  • Reversibility and low invasiveness
  • Suitable for interventions on historic and listed assets

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