The C-Matrix system is the result of a combination of mesh and dry fibre fabrics which acts as a reinforcement, and inorganic cement and lime-based mortar matrices. The adhesion between the reinforcement and the matrix is ensured and improved by applying a compatible water-based adhesion promoter with high breathability.
The C-Matrix system is based on the ultra-thin FRCM technique (Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix), which acts by bonding to the vault in structural strengthening work.


  • Reinforcement of thin brick vaults, “camorcanna” vaults and/or with frescoed surfaces.
  • Seismic upgrading of historic and listed buildings
  • Change in intended use
  • Strengthening of dilapidated structures


  • System certified with high mechanical resistance
  • High-bonding system
  • Lightweight, ultra-thin system, compatible with historic masonry, reversible
  • System with guaranteed and certified corrosion resistance
  • Amagnetic, radiotransparent system, free from electrical conductivity
  • Does not increase mass or stiffness
  • Can be adapted to complex and irregular surfaces