C-MATRIX is the innovative FRCM – Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix – low thickness reinforcement system that combines AR glass or carbon fiber meshes with inorganic mortar matrices:
▪ mortars for interventions on concrete or multi-materials structures
▪ NHL lime-based mortars on masonry structures
Thanks to high dissipative tensions properties, C Matrix is the perfect reinforcement  system for irregular surfaces (mortar thickness up to 30 mm),  arches and vaults, shoulders, gables, wing walls, piers and parapets. It can be used also for injuries, cracks and reparation or for the detachment prevention of the structural elements.


▪ Increasing the shear strength and bearing capacity of the structural elements
▪ It guarantees a better redistribution of tensions and ductility
▪ Low thickness
▪ indicated for high humidity environments
▪ Quick to apply