The C-Matrix system is the result of combining mesh and dry fibre fabric, which act as a reinforcement, with inorganic cement and lime-based mortar matrices. The adhesion between the reinforcement and the matrix is improved by applying a compatible water-based adhesion promoter with high breathability.
The C-MATRIX system is based on the ultra-thin FRCM technique (Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix), which acts by bonding to the masonry in structural strengthening work.


  • Local and global reinforcement interventions following seismic events
  • Reinforcement of non-structural elements
  • Improvement and seismic retrofitting on existing buildings
  • Out-of-plane reinforcement of non-structural elements (anti-collapse)


  • High bonding to support
  • Compatible with cementitious or natural NHL mortars
  • Does not increase mass or stiffness
  • Easy to handle and fast application, non-invasive
  • Class A1 fire rating
  • Suitable for application in high humidity environments