LIFE+ is the system for strengthening existing hollow-core brick, steel or wooden ceilings which are subject to delamination and may, therefore, pose a risk to people. The system consists of applying preformed glass fibre mesh and thermosetting resins fixed onto the joists at the ceiling intrados using structural connection systems that have been specifically sized. As a result, the areas of plaster and blocks that tend to break off are adequately confined.
Once the ceiling slab has been secured, the system can remain exposed, or it can be plastered or covered with a false ceiling, as required.
Securing of brick and concrete, hollow-core concrete, wood, steel floor due to:
– design defects
– poor quality of materials and implementations
– poor maintenance of the work
– loads applied
▪ Low weight and thickness reinforcement
▪ High corrosion resistance, durability
▪ High mechanical resistance
▪ Reversible intervention
▪ Suitable for both flat and curved surfaces
▪ Definition and sizing of the intervention according to the types of floor
▪ Various finishing possibilities