RI-STRUTTURA is the structural reinforcement system for vaults which uses preformed glass fibre mesh and connectors preferably combined with lime-based mortars to create ultra-thin, reinforced coatings with the CRM technique, which contributes to the widespread, uniform improvement of the mechanical characteristics without increasing the stiffness or mass acting on the vault. The intervention can be at intrados or extrados or on both sides with pass-through connections as required. The absence of corrosion in the reinforcement guarantees long-lasting durability and efficiency of the system, keeping it ultra-thin and thus, minimising the increase in overall loads.


  • Improvement and seismic upgrading of historic and listed buildings.
  • Structural interventions following seismic events
  • Structural interventions on civil and industrial buildings
  • Strengthening of dilapidated structures


  • Tested with high mechanical resistance
  • Lightweight, easy handling
  • Ultra-thin, minimising load increase
  • Uniform and widespread
  • With guaranteed, certified corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with cement and lime-based mortar in line with principles of conservation
  • Amagnetic, radiotransparent and free from electrical conductivity