RI-STRUTTURA is the reinforcement system which adopts latest generation CRM – Composite Reinforced Mortar – using mesh, corner elements, prefabricated composite connectors made of AR glass fibre, thermosetting resins and accessories.
The system is completed by lime or cement-based structural mortar coatings. This intervention results in a uniform and widespread structural improvement with high mechanical and ductile properties and a negligible increase in the stiffness of the structure. RI-STRUTTURA guarantees high durability thanks to the absence of corrosion. The system is reversible and improves the shear and flexural strength of the walls.


  • Improvement and seismic upgrading of historic and listed buildings.
  • Structural interventions following seismic events
  • Structural interventions on civil and industrial buildings
  • Strengthening of dilapidated structures


  • System tested with high mechanical resistance
  • Lightweight and easy handling
  • Reduced thickness compensating for load increase
  • Uniform, widespread reinforcement
  • Guaranteed, certified corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with cement and lime-based mortar in line with principles of conservation
  • Amagnetic, radiotransparent system, free from electrical conductivity
  • Replaces electrowelded mesh