RI-STRUTTURA uses the new generation CRM – Composite Reinforced Mortar – system technique through the use of meshes, angle elements and connectors made of composite preformed material in AR glass fibers and thermosetting resins. It is completed with NHL lime or cement based plaster mortars. Particularly suitable on masonry structures, it is also applied to curved surfaces, medium diameter circular piers, bridges abutments and arches, horizontal and vertical surfaces. It avoids the creation of micro-cracks in the cortical restoration of viaducts, caps and tunnels elements. Thanks to its geometry and sturdiness, it can replace the electro-welded mesh.
It is used as a reinforcement mesh, for medium-high repair thicknesses, combined with cement-based mortars.

▪ High mechanical resistance
▪ High resistance to corrosion
▪ Light and easy to install
▪ High compatibility with different mortars
▪ Diffused and homogeneous reinforcement