SAFE+ systems, having the dual function of:
■ mechanical connection between structural and non-structural elements
■ seismic energy dissipation create a “dynamic link” between the elements, thus improving the structure’s ability to respond to seismic actions while maintaining the functional operation of the building.
The purpose of the SAFE + devices is to guarantee an effective dynamic link between structural and non-structural elements that, in the event of an earthquake, guarantees safety conditions for workers and assets. The choice and their positioning are the result of a careful evaluation of the structural characteristics and vulnerability points of the building. Below are some examples of different types of industrial buildings with intervention hypotheses are inserted.


It does not require structural changes but maintains the original static
scheme and stiffness
It improves the seismic capacity of the structure
It is easy and quick to install with minimal production of dust or fumes
It is programmable for independent areas, without interfering with the
existing activity or with plants or other systems
In the event of an earthquake, unlike other devices, SAFE+ must not be
replaced but maintenance will be sufficient to restore full system operation
It reduces maintenance costs


It avoids production/activity shutdown
It protects the value of fixed assets (plants, machinery, materials)
It allows an enhancement of the property/plant
It allows a reduction in insurance premiums
It reduces the risk of accidents related to the inadequacy of the building
It contributes to preserving the health of staff and of the established activities