Created thanks to Fiber Net’s twenty-year experience in seismic improvement and adaptation, SAFE+ anti-seismic devices have been developed and engineered, in compliance with UNI EN 15129 standard, as safety seismic devices on existing prefabricated buildings in reinforced and prestressed reinforced concrete.
The purpose of the SAFE + devices is to guarantee an effective dynamic link between structural and non-structural elements that, in the event of an earthquake, guarantees safety conditions for workers and assets. The choice and their positioning are the result of a careful evaluation of the structural characteristics and vulnerability points of the building.
Below are some examples of different types of industrial buildings with intervention hypotheses are inserted.
SAFE+ systems, having the dual function of:
■ mechanical connection between structural and non-structural elements
■ seismic energy dissipation create a “dynamic link” between the elements, thus improving the structure’s ability to respond to seismic actions while maintaining the functional operation of the building.