The BETONTEX® fiber-reinforced system consists of fabrics, meshes, preformed sheets and bars in carbon or glass fibers to be impregnated and/or glued on site by means of epoxy thermosetting resins
Thanks to the high mechanical properties, lightness and resistance to corrosion, BETONTEX fiber-reinforced systems are used for structural restoration, static and seismic improvement of infrastructural elements.
 BETONTEX® systems allows to:
▪ reduce strain and bending stresses
▪ increase loads
▪ increase durability and  long lasting performance  in degraded structures or in case of insufficient reinforcements inside concrete elements.
▪ High mechanical resistance
▪ High corrosion resistance, durability
▪ Adaptability to irregular surfaces
▪Fast, punctual and localized execution of the reinforcements
▪ Poor invasiveness of the system


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